Maths Pathway

Innovation Sprint

Personalised, Modular Learning: Assessing How Context Impacts the Delivery of Maths Pathway

This Sprint will pilot Maths Pathway’s Learning and Teaching model in an international context, to test the extent to which cultural, societal and demographic differences impact the ability to deliver similar learning outcomes in the rest of the world.

The Maths Pathway Learning and Teaching model has been used to lift student outcomes by more than 300 Australian schools. Maths Pathway aims to achieve similar learning gains around the world. 

This solution will be deployed at Mill Park Secondary College in Victoria, as well as Port Vila International School in Vanuatu.

We at Maths Pathway are thrilled to team up with EduGrowth, the Victorian government and our partner schools to test and measure the efficacy of a properly implemented learning and teaching model. It is impossible to overstate the importance of a strong evidence base in education, provided that it is subsequently used to inform decision making.

Richard Wilson
Co-Founder, Maths Pathway

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