Australia-Vietnam EdTech Innovation Exchange

A series of events to develop cross-market collaboration,
cooperation and synergies.

Connecting the Australian and Vietnamese EdTech ecosystems

The Australia-Vietnam EdTech Innovation Exchange Program will connect educators, EdTech entrepreneurs and education institutions in Australia and Vietnam, as peers to learn cooperatively. The 2-year program will explore key trends in each market focussed on digital transformation, education efficacy and innovation driving student outcomes. 

Participating Australian EdTech companies will gain a deep understanding of Vietnamese market opportunities whilst building relationships to facilitate market entry and impact the digital transformation of Vietnamese education providers. 

Vietnamese EdTech participants will gain insights on an English-speaking market from which to build export revenue into the bigger markets in Europe and the USA.

This activity received grant funding from the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade under the Australia-Vietnam Enhanced Economic Engagement Grant Program 2021.

Former Minister Dan Tehan (2021), Media release – Boosting economic opportunities with Vietnam

Digital transformation across Vietnam

Innovation driving student outcomes

Product efficacy practices

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Cross-market collaboration and cooperation

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An EdTech Snapshot

An EdTech Snapshot

Opportunities Across
Australia and Vietnam

This online seminar will introduce the program and connect key stakeholders with the opportunities in the Australian and Vietnamese EdTech markets. It will feature leaders from the respective EdTech ecosystems, as well as highlight the Australia-Vietnam Enhanced Economic Engagement Grant Program.


Vietnam EdTech Market

Vietnam transitioned from being one of the poorest countries in
the world to a lower middle income country by 2010.

Economic growth has since continued to grow on average at:


GPD annually

annual per capita income (USD)


growth in 2019


  • A workforce of graduates and employees that employers believe in, and invest time and resources in, as part of a high-performing skills development system.

  • An education system that offers programs for life-long learning and inclusive access to TVET and tertiary education, irrespective of household income. 


Vietnam has a population of 97 million – 70% are under the age of 35 years, of which:


million students are at primary
and secondary levels

million students are
enrolled at university

million students are enrolled
at university


Vietnam has a booming digital economy with ICT as one of the fastest growing sectors. It has a high internet penetration rate and a significant number of digital consumers, with more than 70% of the population owning a smartphone and spending seven hours online daily, on average.

Evolution of EdTech in Vietnam

E-learning was first introduced in Vietnam in 2007. It evolved and adapted to mobile devices in 2013-2014, with further evolution from 2015-2019 where Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) providers have developed rapidly and started growing as a new market segment.

The EdTech market is expected to continue growing along with consumers’ strong interest in advanced technology such as Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Artificial Intelligence and Gamification.

Key drivers for EdTech

The evolution of the e-learning and EdTech market in Vietnam continues to be driven by key factors, including: 

  • The rising demand for multimedia content, as well as low-cost and time-efficient learning options. 
  • The Government of Vietnam’s initiatives in start-up promotion and ICT application.

The market offers opportunities for Australian EdTech to leverage our global reputation for quality education. In particular, Vietnamese partners including government education agencies, institutions and technology businesses have expressed interest in partnerships with Australian capabilities in EdTech.

Australian Government (2020), Vietnam EdTech Scoping Summary Report



Program Launch: Understanding
EdTech in Vietnam & Australia

Investigate the EdTech ecosystems with industry leaders and learn the landscape of a cross country context. The Australia Vietnam Innovation Exchange program will connect EdTech entrepreneurs from Australia and Vietnam as peers, to reimagine business in a borderless world and provide insight and connections for your export market development.

Next Event: 22 March 2023

Who should attend: Australian EdTech entrepreneurs and Vietnamese EdTech entrepreneurs


Roundtable: Export Opportunities

Vietnam’s national spotlight on EdTech encourages education innovation on a national scale. With Australian and Vietnamese learners embracing online and digital education at scale, there are opportunities for EdTech companies exporting across the two regions. Connect with EdTech companies who have already made an impact in-country, and learn directly how your product might fit into an Australian and/or Vietnamese context.

Next Event: 5 April 2023

Who should attend: Vietnamese EdTech entrepreneurs and Australian EdTech entrepreneurs

A 2-year program providing real connection and collaboration opportunities across the Australian and Vietnamese EdTech ecosystems.

Participants will gain in-depth market intelligence, establish cross-market networks and gain individualised feedback on product-market fit and market entry strategies.

Events cont…


Roundtable: Bilateral Partnerships

Unlock your growth potential in a foreign market through collaboration. Hear from some of the support networks that will help you engage with the Australian and Vietnamese EdTech ecosystems in meaningful partnerships, to make an impact. Learn how to utilise the tools of government and independent industry support, that are available to help you reach your potential overseas.

The program will include a customer focused EdTech case study highlighting their roadmap for deployment across Vietnam.

Next Event: 12 April 2023

Who should attend: Australian and Vietnamese EdTech entrepreneurs


EdTech CEO Summit

This event will connect 30 EdTech leaders from both markets in a meeting that will drive connection and collaboration. Australian and Vietnamese EdTech leaders will discuss building a mutual understanding of the key stakeholders in each country with a view to collaborate and partner across borders.

Next Event: 19 April 2023

Who should attend: Executive-level Australian and Vietnamese EdTech entrepreneurs

Trade and Investment opportunities

The education sector is growing rapidly and EdTech represents the fastest growing segment. Global education spend is projected at USD$10 Trillion by 2030, with EdTech spend growing from 3.3% to 5.5%; an additional USD$200B of EdTech revenue.

This project will connect Australia and Vietnam to capture this exciting sector of the education market. 

 Australia partnering with the EdTech ecosystem in Vietnam will not only support the growth of their education sector, it will position Australia as a key partner. By facilitating connections between EdTech companies we can build a bilateral relationship that will ensure Australian companies are positioned to capture opportunities in Vietnam, whilst supporting Vietnamese companies exporting their solutions. 

 Expanding Australian education exports beyond student migration will provide a surge of trade and investment activity.

Participating Companies

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