2023 US Trade Mission

The 2023 US EdTech Trade Mission was a fantastic opportunity for Australian EdTech companies to explore the entry into the US market. Eight Australian EdTech companies were selected to take part in the mission and attend the ASU+GSV Summit over five days. During this time, the delegates had the chance to attend exclusive briefings and networking events and meet with some of the brightest minds in the US EdTech industry.



The mission was a great success and the delegates had nothing but positive things to say about it. Not only did they get to learn from the brilliant minds in the US EdTech industry, but the connections they made and the knowledge exchanged was invaluable. These connections and collaborations are expected to lead to innovation, new business opportunities, and advancements in the education sector.



The Australian EdTech entrepreneurs who participated in the mission brought their energy, enthusiasm, and passion for education to the event. Their hard work and dedication was evident throughout the five days and they should be commended for their efforts. Their involvement in the mission is sure to have far-reaching effects and contribute to the growth and development of the EdTech ecosystem both locally and globally. 

The US EdTech Trade Mission was an incredible experience for all involved and we look forward to seeing the ripple effects of the delegates’ involvement in the near future.



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