Australian Education Sector Insights Report

Insights for EdTech Company Leaders
June 2022

Thank you for your interest in the Australian education technology and innovation ecosystem. Australia has a track record of excellence in education, and is consistently listed in global university rankings and K-12 system rankings. What’s the secret? Standardisation, research and ongoing review elevate the quality of education.

Australia is no stranger to EdTech. With a small population spread over 4 million sq. km, distance education is an integral part of Australia’s history. From its formal establishment in the early 20th century, distance education has grown and strengthened. By the 2000s, e-learning became essential in broadening access to quality education.

Today, technology is included in the Australian national curriculum, and proficiency in use is expected of learners. However: evidence of efficacy is paramount. To be successful in the Australian market, solutions must align with pedagogy.

If you are interested in the Australian education market or are currently undergoing a market entry strategy, this handbook is designed to provide an overview of the current landscape, the current priorities, and the opportunities for technology.

Designing an EdTech Efficacy Research Report - Cover - Global Victoria EdTech Innovation Alliance

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