LaunchPad Bootcamp – Business Model Sales Advantage

Make sure you have the right business model to attract the right customers.

Our third session of the LaunchPad Bootcamp program provided an overview of various sales models, highlighting benefits and best use examples – direct v indirect, B2B v B2C v B2B2C, lighthouse approach. It also covered typical purchasing models used in education and legal frameworks for creating sales contracts.


John Webster

Cleo Westhorpe
Co-Founder | The Inclusive School

Cleo is an accomplished and highly regarded secondary school teacher, inclusive education leader, geographer and mentor in the world of education. Equal parts educator and entrepreneur, Cleo loves working with students, teachers and principals to foster inclusive classrooms and schools where all voices are heard, amplified and embraced.

Cleo is one of the co-founders of Pivot Professional Learning, providing best practice data, reporting and professional learning solutions that harness the power of student, teacher and principal feedback to drive actionable insights. Pivot’s platform supports ongoing professional learning for educators and provides an avenue for all