Maths Pathway Sprint Announcement - Global Victoria EdTech Innovation Alliance

Personalised, Modular Learning: Assessing How Context Impacts the Delivery of Maths Pathway

Maths Pathway has been selected to participate in the Global Victoria EdTech Innovation Alliance. This will see their solution tested at Mill Park Secondary College in Victoria, and Port Vila International School in Vanuatu.

EduGrowth and Global Victoria have officially selected Maths Pathway for the Innovation Sprints, as part of the Global Victoria EdTech Innovation Alliance. 

The aim of this program is to enhance the global reputation of Victorian EdTech and education, and provide an example for the Australian EdTech ecosystem of the opportunities available when this testbed model is implemented. 

The Alliance will see the selected Innovation Sprints deploy Victorian EdTech solutions both in Victorian and international education institutions and schools. Over 26 weeks, the Sprints will be overseen by an independent researcher appointed to endorse the Sprint testbed design and validate the efficacy of the solution being trialled.

All 9 of the chosen Innovation Sprints exhibit a clear alignment with the Alliance objectives and are committed to transforming teaching and learning experiences around the world. 

Maths Pathway Innovation Sprint

This Sprint will pilot Maths Pathway’s Learning and Teaching model in an international context, to test the extent to which cultural, societal and demographic differences impact the ability to deliver similar learning outcomes in the rest of the world.

The Maths Pathway Learning and Teaching model has been used to lift student outcomes by more than 300 Australian schools. Maths Pathway aims to achieve similar learning gains around the world. 

This solution will be deployed at Mill Park Secondary College in Victoria, as well as Port Vila International School in Vanuatu.

About Maths Pathway

Maths Pathway is a research-driven solution to teach maths in schools. 

Maths Pathway combines a range of teaching methods and classroom practices with an online learning environment to support individualised learning for each student. With Maths Pathway, teachers have the tools and the time to address each student’s individual learning needs. This includes developing their problem solving, independent learning, group work skills, and helping students develop a growth mindset towards their mathematics learning.

In the Maths Pathway classroom, students will first be tested on their current levels of understanding across the entirety of the Australian Curriculum: Mathematics, levels 1–10A (mapped to each State’s curriculum automatically). This is done so that the system can pinpoint exactly where each student’s strengths and weaknesses are.

EduGrowth Global Victoria EdTech Innovation Alliance - Maths Pathway

About Mill Park Secondary College

Mill Park Secondary College is a co-educational secondary school in Victoria, teaching years 7 to 12. Mill Park Secondary College works in partnership with students, families and the community to maximise academic, social and emotional growth. 

The school embraces diversity. The college’s current student population originates from over 60 countries, with over 50% of students originally born outside of Australia. 

The school offers over 50 VCE and VET subjects, which helps students to specialise in subject areas which best support their future aspirations.

About Port Vila International School

Established in 1985. Port Vila International School (PVIS) provides teaching using the international standard Australian Curriculum, adapted for the Vanuatu context.

While PVIS began as a school for international families, our largest enrolment group is currently Ni-Vanuatu. More than 20 different nationalities are represented at the school. 

Digital literacy and competences are an embedded part of the school’s strategic plan. Their aim is to include robotics, AI and digital delivery of education into the curriculum for years 5 to 10.

The Global Victoria EdTech Innovation Alliance program is funded by the Victorian Government as part of the $3.6 million International Research Partnerships program under the International Education Short-Term Sector Recovery Plan.

For more information about the initiative visit Global Victoria EdTech Innovation Alliance.