MentorMatch Sprint Announcement - Global Victoria EdTech Innovation Alliance

Mentorship for International Student Success: An Investigation of MentorMatch

MentorMatch has been selected to participate in the Global Victoria EdTech Innovation Alliance. This will see their solution tested at La Trobe University in Victoria, and Acsenda School of Management in Canada.

EduGrowth and Global Victoria have officially selected MentorMatch for the Innovation Sprints, as part of the Global Victoria EdTech Innovation Alliance. 

The aim of this program is to enhance the global reputation of Victorian EdTech and education, and provide an example for the Australian EdTech ecosystem of the opportunities available when this testbed model is implemented. 

The Alliance will see the selected Innovation Sprints deploy Victorian EdTech solutions both in Victorian and international education institutions and schools. Over 26 weeks, the Sprints will be overseen by an independent researcher appointed to endorse the Sprint testbed design and validate the efficacy of the solution being trialled.

All 9 of the chosen Innovation Sprints exhibit a clear alignment with the Alliance objectives and are committed to transforming teaching and learning experiences around the world. 

MentorMatch Innovation Sprint

This Sprint will test the hypothesis that providing experienced, qualified, mentors, at scale through an EdTech platform, during an international student’s studies, will fill the void of not having social and professional networks in the foreign country. When an international student studies abroad, they leave behind a wealth of social and professional networks that would otherwise be used to prosper socially and secure employment in their field of study. 

The solution will be deployed at