Edalex Sprint Announcement - Global Victoria EdTech Innovation Alliance

Showcasing Skills for the Workplace: Edalex’s Credentialate Platform for Learner Employability

Edalex has been selected to participate in the Global Victoria EdTech Innovation Alliance. This will see their solution tested at the University of Melbourne, University of Dayton, and supported by the Education Design Lab.

EduGrowth and Global Victoria have officially selected Edalex for the Innovation Sprints, as part of the Global Victoria EdTech Innovation Alliance. 

The aim of this program is to enhance the global reputation of Victorian EdTech and education, and provide an example for the Australian EdTech ecosystem of the opportunities available when this testbed model is implemented. 

The Alliance will see the selected Innovation Sprints deploy Victorian EdTech solutions both in Victorian and international education institutions and schools. Over 26 weeks, the Sprints will be overseen by an independent researcher appointed to endorse the Sprint testbed design and validate the efficacy of the solution being trialled.

All 9 of the chosen Innovation Sprints exhibit a clear alignment with the Alliance objectives and are committed to transforming teaching and learning experiences around the world. 

Edalex Innovation Sprint

This Sprint aims to address the increasing need for education institutions to provide appropriate tools and resources for learners to bridge the learner-to-earner gap and meet the needs of industry for job-ready graduates. 

Edalex will investigate the efficacy of personalised learner Evidence Records produced by the Credentialate platform from Edalex. The ultimate aim is to improve employability outcomes for learners while helping address a talent shortage for employers. 

The solution will be trialled at Melbourne School for Professional and Continuing Education (MSPACE) at the University of Melbourne in Victoria, and the Institute of Applied Creativity for Transformation (IACT) University of Dayton. Both will be supported with 21st century skills resources from the Education Design Lab in the United States.

About Edalex

Edalex is an EdTech company on a mission to surface learning outcomes, digital assets and the power of individual achievement. Founded in 2016, Edalex develops technology solutions that extract hidden value from educational data to make it accessible and more meaningful.

Edalex brings together the team behind the CODiE award-winning openEQUELLA open source platform that centrally houses teaching and learning, research, media and library content. 

In 2019, Edalex launched Credentialate the world’s first Credential Evidence Platform that helps discover and share evidence of workplace skills and analyse competency achievement like never before. 


Edalex logo - Credentialate -  EduGrowth - Global Victoria EdTech Innovation Alliance

About the University of Melbourne

The University of Melbourne is a leading, international research university based in Melbourne, Australia. Established in 1853, it has been consistently ranked as a leading university for research and teaching — #1 in Australia and #33 in the world, by the Times Higher Education ranking system. 

The University of Melbourne is a member of the prestigious “Group of Eight” research-intensive universities in Australia, the Universitas 21 and Association of Pacific Rim Universities networks. 

The university currently has over 54,000 students, 44% of which are international students. There is a strong focus on developing graduates for the workforce of tomorrow, and as a result was ranked #8 in graduate employability by QS Graduate Employability 2021. 

Melbourne School for Professional and Continuing Education (MSPACE) within the University of Melbourne is building an agile, future-ready workforce with innovative, flexible workplace training options, including Melbourne MicroCerts.

University of Melbourne - 2022 Logo

About the University of Dayton

Founded in 1850, the University of Dayton is a private, Catholic research university in Ohio, USA. There are just over 12,000 students across their undergraduate and graduate programs. 

There are more than 40 research centres and institutes at the university, including an Innovation Center that works with over 200 companies worldwide to place their engineering students in project-based learning programs. They are the #1 Catholic University for engineering research and development and received $195 million in sponsored research in 2020 alone. 

The university is a firm believer in the power of partnerships, forming these relationships in innovation and entrepreneurship, community building, education, and for research and development. 

The Institute of Applied Creativity for Transformation (IACT) within the University of Dayton is an academic institute training students in the creative competencies that today’s job market demands — while applying those same skills to the students’ diverse disciplines of study.

University of Dayton Institute of Applied Creativity for Transformation

About the Education Design Lab

Based in Washington D.C. the Education Design Lab is a non-profit organisation that works with 930+ colleges and organizations, 530+ employers, 24+ regions, and thousands of learners, who need education programs and pathways that better serve their futures. 

The Lab codesigns and builds equitable, learner-centered approaches with their clients. They specialise in designing specifically for certain learner groups, as well as adapting curriculums to the future of learning and work. They have micro-credentialing experience, an innovation community of 2500 collaborators and are pioneers in human-centered design for education institutions.

The Global Victoria EdTech Innovation Alliance program is funded by the Victorian Government as part of the $3.6 million International Research Partnerships program under the International Education Short-Term Sector Recovery Plan.

For more information about the initiative visit Global Victoria EdTech Innovation Alliance.