What is the International Research Partnerships Program?

What is the International Research Partnerships Program?

The Global Victoria EdTech Innovation Alliance is a stream of the International Research Partnerships program, developed by Global Victoria for the International Education Short Term Recovery Plan.

The Global Victoria EdTech Innovation Alliance is supported through the Victorian Government’s plan to support international education with Victorian institutions. 

The International Research Partnerships Program (IRPP) specifies a stream — the Innovation Alliance — that will support partnerships between Victorian education institutions, EdTech companies, and international education institutions for the purpose of testing Victorian EdTech products. 

As a result of the major disruptions in international education caused by the pandemic, the Victorian Government has developed the International Research Partnerships Plan — an initiative of the International Education Short-Term Recovery Plan. This is a forward-thinking plan to solidify Melbourne’s position as a top-tier destination for education innovation. 

The IRPP provides important context to understand how the Global Victoria EdTech Innovation Alliance came to be, and why it is important for both the sector and the state of Victoria. 


In establishing this program, Global Victoria explored the key goals of a program of this kind. What does success look like when launching a cross-sectoral international program? 

They evaluated and defined the objectives of the Alliance:

  • Establish new partnerships that will increase research engagement with key regions and internationalise research outputs
  • Grow research revenue streams by securing engagement and access to international research funds in established, high-quality research markets
  • Ensure Victorian education providers retain their prestigious rankings by securing a pipeline of postgraduate students and talent
  • Encourage the adoption of innovative education practices by education institutions.


The aim of the IRPP is to enhance Victoria’s position in the international education and education technology landscape. 

With an increased presence of Victorian EdTech through the Innovation Alliance stream, the program will see a culture of collaborative, international research projects, deeper brand recognition for Victoria, and establishing Victoria as a thought leader in education innovation.

The International Education Short-Term Recovery Plan

What exactly is this Plan that the Alliance is supported by? At the end of 2020, the Victorian Government announced this $33.4 million strategic plan to reinvigorate the state’s international education sector. In 2019, international education was Victoria’s largest export — worth $13.7 billion. Therefore, developing this plan is integral to making Victoria the number one destination in Australia for international students. 

One of the core goals of this plan is to promote Victoria as a global hub for education technology and innovation. With online delivery of education becoming more of a priority for institutions around the world, the State Government is investing in the Alliance to exhibit the power of local innovations and the future-focused education sector.

A Partnership between Global Victoria and EduGrowth

EduGrowth is delighted to be working in partnership with the Victorian Government to deliver the Alliance. Both EduGrowth and Global Victoria are mutually committed to the possibilities of technology in education for Australian and international learners and educators. 

For more information about the initiative visit Global Victoria EdTech Innovation Alliance.