2021 Australian EdTech Market Census Now Open

What is the Australian EdTech Market Census survey?

The Australian EdTech Market Census is a survey that maps Australia’s EdTech sector. The results are valuable to help understand the sector in detail – such as EdTech company maturity, geography, revenue, capital raised, target customers, employees, business model and key challenges among others.

The data helps to uncover insights and track trends over time.

Who should take the survey?

Anyone in EdTech!

We want to hear from founders, CEOs, marketers, developers, teachers and staff who work in EdTech. Those with established operations and those thinking about starting an EdTech business.

The 2021 Australian EdTech Market Census survey data collection is now open.

We know there are approximately 600 Australian EdTech companies generating $2.2Bn in revenue and employing 14,000 staff!

And that the sector has been rapidly growing and doubled in size between 2014 and 2019.

It’s now time to survey the sector, collect the data and determine exactly how the industry has changed, and how the sector is affected from the impacts of COVID-19. 

If you are in EdTech, it’s time to take the survey.

The census provides a unique view of the Australian EdTech ecosystem, data such as: 

  • 25% of EdTech companies are founded or led by women. This is slightly higher than all startups which is 23%.
  • Victoria has a higher proport