Amplifying Education Innovation

Vision Statement | To transform global communities by enabling the growth of Australian EdTech

EduGrowth continues to play a critical role in the Australian EdTech sector:

  • Advocating for Australian EdTech, lobbying government and investment
  • Connecting EdTech companies with programs and services to help them grow, scale and enter new markets
  • Educating entrepreneurs, teachers and governments with market research
  • Leading EdTech discussions and debate via conferences and summits

The EduGrowth Annual Report 2021 highlights achievements from the past year.

Amplifying Education Innovation

EduGrowth Annual Report 2021

Managing Director’s Report

Leading EduGrowth is truly a great honour and privilege.
David Linke | Managing Director, EduGrowth

Being able to connect members, future members, education leaders, government officials and international partners in real actions to enable the growth of Australia’s EdTech ecosystem has been incredibly rewarding.

We continue to engage our members, to understand the most important issues facing the sector and advocate for their success. We also increased and strengthened our partnership network. Without partner organisations such as Global Victoria, Maddocks, ClickView, AWS EdStart, Deloitte, Curio, OpenLearning and Wonde, we simply would not have been able to so rapidly expand our digital delivery of programs and services, as well as advocate for support across the sector.

A significant highlight in 2021 is the award of grant funding to run the Global Victoria EdTech Innovation Alliance program in 2022. The program is the result of years of advocacy and strengthened working relationship with Global Victoria. In the coming year, the program will see collaboration among EdTech companies, education institutions and academics to trial EdTech solutions in Victorian and international education settings.

Other program highlights include the inaugural Melbourne EdTech Summit 2020, a 3-day conference attracting 1,300 delegates from 48 countries; the India Innovation Exchange, a bilateral collaboration program connecting 68 Victorian EdTech companies with 43 Indian EdTech companies across 11 events; and other export deep-dive programs focussed on the US and Chinese education markets.

Amidst another challenging year, I’m incredibly proud that EduGrowth has been able to deliver more programs, significantly increase participation at our events, engage a wider community, and grow memberships and partners.

The growth of the Australian EdTech sector is fantastic with lots of exciting stories. However, if we want to be part of the future and maintain momentum, then we must collaborate to further stimulate, support and scale local EdTech initiatives.

I thank the EduGrowth team for their incredible commitment to our mission — without your work none of this would be possible. I also thank the Board, our foundation and strategic partners, members and all those who hold the shared vision that Australia can be a global leader in education technology and innovation.

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