How Data Depends on Context: An Illustration of Interpretation

Interpretation is a key pillar of EdTech product development and deployment. This illustration is a result of the Innovation Workshop, as part of the Global Victoria EdTech Innovation Alliance, highlighting the learnings on interpretation. 

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Interpretation: Key Takeaways

Generally speaking, a data point does not speak for itself. Likewise, almost any piece of information needs to be understood in its context. We know intuitively that things can work differently in different places, used by different people. This is why we can’t cling too closely to any numerical formulas about evaluating evidence or efficacy. 

Even the very basics of quantitative data require some degree of interpretation. 

As EdTech is in the business involving people, interpretation can be hard.

Having more people in the room to look at that data can be most helpful. We, as individuals, can be stuck in our own interpretations of the information available to us, based on our own personal knowledge.


This workshop was led by two researchers, Professor Margaret Bearman, Deakin University, and Professor Michael Henderson, Monash University. 

The Global Victoria EdTech Innovation Alliance program is funded by the Victorian Government as part of the $3.6 million International Research Partnerships program under the International Education Short-Term Sector Recovery Plan.

For more information about the initiative visit Global Victoria EdTech Innovation Alliance.