New Members: February – May 2021

New Members: February – May 2021

In this quarter of 2021, we welcomed 11 new members to the EduGrowth community. These members are individually contributing to the growth of the sector and are passionate about innovating education solutions for learners around the world. 




EduGrowth member logo - Cleverbean

Cleverbean has everything a teacher needs to make learning to read fun, engaging and highly outcome driven. All lessons are original from their team of literacy experts and come stacked with explicit instruction, differentiation, assessment and book recommendations.

EduGrowth member - Accelium logo

Accelium develops higher-order cognitive, social and emotional skills using strategy games! Based on the Mind Lab methodology and adopted in over 30 countries worldwide, their unique learning process blends group instruction, personal coaching and state of the art digital learning.

EduGrowth member - Sentral logo

Sentral is Australia’s most comprehensive cloud based school management platform trusted by more than 3,000 schools across Australia. With a comprehensive suite of modules, schools can provide their staff, students and community with 24/7 information.

EduGrowth member - Compass Education logo

Compass Education: the smarter school management system for K-12 schools in Australia, Ireland, the UK and beyond.

They’re on a mission to make your school day more efficient, more enjoyable and more productive, enabling learning to thrive.

EduGrowth member - AECC Global logo

AECC Global is a provider of independent and certified student counselling services and university application support to thousands of students around the world each year. With a rapidly growing network of 35 offices in 12 countries and a team of over 500 professionals, AECC supports students to apply and study in Australia, United Kingdom, Canada, United States, New Zealand, Singapore and Malaysia.

EduGrowth member - Stile Logo

Stile helps teachers bring their classes to life with beautiful lessons based on real-world issues. You can think of Stile as a combination of your favourite textbook, workbook, assessments, pracs, videos and simulations seamlessly interwoven into an online learning experience.

EduGrowth member - Lumaway logo
EduGrowth member - Privacy Tracker is a new Software-as-a-Service web application to track the applications and services that schools use, how student data is collected, stored and used, as well as providing school sharing options and privacy reporting. By making it simple for schools to track their EdTech usage they are better prepared to meet their privacy obligations.

EduGrowth member - Ed Pass logo

edPass provides a seamless solution for managing students late arrival and early departures, visitors, contractors, staff and resources. They ensure the sign in and sign out process at your school is fast and convenient.

EduGrowth member - Global Study Partners logo

Global Study Partners (GSP) is a unique online platform that allows international students to search, compare and apply for thousands of courses globally. Their mission is to provide students around the world with the opportunity to achieve their desired educational experience.

EduGrowth member - Flohh logo

Flohh’s primary objective is to help reduce teacher workload. They create creating simple to use tools for teachers, students and schools. Flohh will reduce the time it takes teachers to create and mark student assignments.