The 2020 Australian K-12 EdTech Whitepaper

The 2020 Australian K12 EdTech Whitepaper: What it Takes to Be Successful in K-12 EdTech was recently launched through a virtual event on 18 November. This whitepaper was developed in partnership with Greenwich Capital Partners, harnessing their investment knowledge and data analytics capabilities and our expertise of the EdTech sector. 

This whitepaper highlights the top recommendations for current K-12 EdTech companies, benefits of the sector for investors, emerging trends, and key market challenges. This was conducted through a survey of sector participants and analysing available market figures.

Key points

Newly launched this year, the Australian K-12 EdTech Whitepaper seeks to map the current sector landscape, track the progress and identify ways to optimise operations while competing with Big Tech. This is an important piece of research to understand how we can position Australian K-12 EdTech on a global stage.


The Australian K-12 education sector trails behind other sectors in the adoption of digital resources. We believe this is about to change. But like the e-commerce companies of the dotcom era, not all of today’s EdTech companies will be winners.


Top insights for companies in the K-12 EdTech sector:


  • More B2C opportunities: As many students have been forced to attend virtual classes due to COVID-19, parental involvement has increased. More than ever before, parents are seeking content to supplement remote learning. This creates new opportunities for direct-to-consumer sales.
  • Localised data privacy: With an increased concern for student data privacy with Big Tech companies, Australian companies are at an advantage when they store data locally and comply with the Australian Privacy Principles.
  • Sales capability matters: While most EdTech companies use some form of sales technology tools, less than half have a dedicated sales team and even less use teachers to support the sales process. A robust sales and onboarding process for teachers will make this more efficient.
  • Develop a plan for new market opportunities: 68% of Australian EdTech companies already sell overseas. It’s important to create a strategy in order to know which countries to show great market potential for your product, what resources will be required, and what the competitive landscape already looks like.
  • A roll-up strategy could maximise your reach: This involves combining multiple small companies into one big company. This can be a better guard against external threats like Big Tech, more attractive for big domestic and international opportunities, and to compete for the best talent.

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Thank you to all survey participants for contributing your insights. This informed our research alongside the analytics we had available.