Exhibit with EduGrowth’s Innovation Alley at EduTECH 2020

Exhibit with EduGrowth’s Innovation Alley at EduTECH 2020

In 2019, EduGrowth totally reimagined the startup space at EduTECH with Innovation Alley. 

We created a community of 35 startups exhibiting along Innovation Alley, we filled an 80-seat theatre, hosting 31 speakers across 11 sessions of leading Australian education and EdTech thought leadership on the Innovation Stage, and we saw 27 founders battle it out in a multi-day, multi-round Innovation Alley Pitch Competition! 

This year we are BACK in an all-virtual, all-online capacity:

Key points

  • Join us at EduTECH | 9-10 November 2020
  • Virtual startup booths at INNOVATION ALLEY
  • INNOVATION ALLEY CHANNEL focused on EdTech entrepreneurship
  • Pitch to an investor panel in the INNOVATION ALLEY PITCH COMPETITION
  • Learn more..
  • INNOVATION ALLEY – a dedicated space for startups to exhibit alongside some of the world’s biggest EdTech companies!
  • INNOVATION ALLEY CHANNEL – our virtual stage featuring EdTech entrepreneurship!
  • INNOVATION ALLEY PITCH COMPETITION – an opportunity for founders to pitch to an investor judging panel

We have a fantastic offer just for EduGrowth startup members! Complimentary exhibitor booths for all members who extend their membership through 2021!