Celebrating Innovation at the Melbourne EdTech Summit

Celebrating Innovation at the Melbourne EdTech Summit

From the 8th to the 10th of September, EduGrowth will be joined by EdTech thought leaders, education providers, and industry participants for the Melbourne EdTech Summit.

In partnership with Global Victoria, Practera and AWS EdStart, EduGrowth is excited to facilitate this fantastic program of workshops and discussions aimed to educate and inspire professionals in the industry.

Key points

  • Melbourne EdTech Summit | 8-10 September
  • Program partners Global Victoria, AWS EdStart, and Practera
  • The Summit focuses on two streams: education thought leadership and entrepreneurship
  • Learn more and register to attend via edugrowth.org.au/MES

2020 has seen a dramatic shift in how we approach education. Suddenly, large cohorts of learners are switching to digital platforms for education, from primary school through to higher education and beyond. For education providers, there are opportunities to learn from this time of change, to innovate with digital delivery and to explore opportunities to export Australian university degrees overseas via digital delivery. For EdTech startups and those with an EdTech business idea, they’re entering a new era of possibilities while still confronting the same challenges that have existed. The Melbourne EdTech Summit is an opportunity for professionals across the sector to come together and share their decades worth of insight. 

Our agenda boasts a range of topics, covering the potential of increased offshore learning by digital delivery, the educator perspective, successful case studies, and much more. The speakers—from Australia, the United States, and India—offer expertise within higher education and EdTech businesses serving different levels of the school journey. 

The Summit focuses on two streams: education thought leadership and entrepreneurship. Chancellor and Senior Vice-President, Learning of Northeastern University, Professor Kenneth Henderson joins us to discuss the impact of experiential learning on graduate employability. UpGrad, India’s largest OPM provider, is a case study of success in online education. Hear from co-founder Phalgun Kompalli on their startup story.  

While not an exhaustive list, other keynote speakers include Deputy Vice-Chancellor of Education at Monash University, Susan Elliott; Alfred Deakin Professor Beverley Oliver; Managing Partner of TVentures, Abishek Gupta; higher education and VET services expert, Claire Field; Open Learning CEO, Adam Brimo; and Faethm AI CEO, Michael Priddis.


Speakers Include

Wherever an attendee is in this ecosystem of education and entrepreneurship, the calabre of speakers and the breadth of relevant themes have something for everyone.

David Linke, CEO of EduGrowth, sees the Summit as an important program for the sector. 

“I get to do some great things leading EduGrowth and the launch of the Melbourne EdTech summit is one of them. This virtual conference will bring together Australia’s leading education thought leaders, EdTech entrepreneurs and the broader education sector to explore education innovation driven by technology. Australian EdTech has the potential to be at the forefront of digital transformation in the education sector—and EduGrowth is there to support innovative thinkers in the industry in order to facilitate this vision.” 

Thank you to our partners for helping bring this visionary event to life and to all the speakers donating their time to speak and share their knowledge of the EdTech industry. We look forward to welcoming you all—partners, speakers, and attendees— to the Melbourne EdTech Summit this September. 

Learn more about this conference and register today to attend.

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