Practera – $1M grant program for digital experiential learning innovation

Australian EdTech startup Practera is offering University Educators up to $50,000 in in-kind grants to launch innovative online experiential learning programs in a $1M program.

Every day Practera works with University educators in Australia and around the world to launch and scale innovative experiential learning programs, from nurse mentoring, to industrial PhD mentoring, to export market research, to international health development projects. These are programs that help students and businesses build new skills and a better future. 

Key points

  • Practera offers up to $50,000 in in-kind grants
  • $1M program launch for experiential learning programs
  • Applications are still open

“We need these programs now more than ever. We are also at a watershed moment in education technology with the world of learning and work moving online, and virtual engagement becoming the norm overnight. Many of our University customers and partners have great concepts that need funding and enabling technology – but with Covid-19 hurting University revenues, resources for new innovation are tight”. 

Practera have responded to support their partners and customers in the sector – not just to cope now but recover strongly with new programs and services. “We are in the fortunate position to be able to help. In recent weeks Practera have already deployed more than $250,000 in a first round of in-kind support for 10 projects at Universities including the Universities of Queensland, Sydney, Adelaide, UNSW, and Southern Cross and Edith Cowan Universities”. 

The application process is simple: a 1-page summary of a program concept by COB Wednesday May 13. Practera will work directly with shortlisted applicants to establish if there is a good fit and to develop a scope for University approval within a couple of weeks. 

For more information and application details visit