K-12 Schools EdTech Showcase | 5 May

K-12 Schools EdTech Showcase | 5 May

K12 Schools EdTech Showcase

Wellbeing & Pastoral Care in a Digital Environment

This EdTech Showcase was focussed on pastoral care and included a presentation by Dr Timothy Hawkes OAM, an educator, social commentator and author.

Tim discussed wellbeing, its importance and offered practical ways to look after self and students.

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  • A wellbeing program for teachers
  • the Truwell program has been developed to assist heads of school to monitor, encourage and equip their teachers with the skills needed to flourish.


Nikki Bonus
CEO and founder
[email protected]

  • innovative programs equip students, teachers, and parents with tools to thrive today and in the future
  • engaging and fun online learning space for primary school children
  • it is evidence-based, curriculum-aligned, built for K-6, that enables teachers to develop student’s social, emotional and physical skills for successful learning
  • provides teachers with the lesson structure, content, and analytics to deliver curriculum-aligned classes within their desired workflows


Amanda Bickerstaff
[email protected]

  • offers a range of best-practise data and reporting solutions that harness the power of student voice
  • turning classroom feedback into actionable insights that support ongoing professional development and enhance student outcomes
  • Pivot is proudly female-founded and female-led



Kym Hunter
[email protected]

  • uses regular physical activity as a “superpower” to improve student’s mental and physical health
  • engages students in fun physical activities presented by real-life role models who are “virtual mentors”
  • there is a comprehensive wellbeing monitoring system that provides valuable wellbeing and physical literacy data for schools


  • intuitive self reporting tool for monitoring the wellbeing of each child
  • teachers can ‘check-in’ every 30 seconds with students
  • students’ wellbeing is communicated back to teachers in a simple and easy manner
  • this means all stakeholders can understand what wellbeing looks like for the individual, class and whole school