Ready Teacher announces Edutain, an innovative means of paid work for teachers

The service re-deploys unemployed Teachers to provide ‘edutainment’ for children whilst their parents/carers work from home. Up to four (4) children can attend a lesson across three (3) different devices, allowing school friends to join together online. Classes are in the morning or afternoon, as per the parents’ preference. The service includes the following activities:

  • Educational and fun games/activities
  • Language development: speaking, writing or languages other than English Creative activities, such as songs and creative writing Cool, fun educational apps
  • Project work: work on a family project, creative school subject-related project, etc
  • Technology: We use Whereby which is accessible from any desktop (via link that we provide).

Age-groups: Any children or teens over the age of 3 or 4. Best to group children together who are close in age. Teens could also benefit from creative/conversational/gamey engagement – it just depends on the family’s needs. Lessons of 1-2 hours work best.