Inkl – ad-free, clickbait-free, and paywall-free news

Inkl is one of the world’s top-rated news apps. It gives students and teachers $10,000 of news from 100+ trusted newspapers and magazines in one place. This includes the Financial Times, Economist, Telegraph, Bloomberg, Foreign Policy, and more. It is the world’s only 100% ad-free, clickbait-free, and paywall-free news experience. Students and teachers can browse news curated by inkl’s journalists, dive into different news publications and topics, and discover multiple angles on each story.

“Inkl is an amazing source to use for researching. It has helped me with so many research projects and I learn so much every day just by scrolling through the app. One great thing about inkl is that I never have to worry if the articles are reliable. I love that I am allowed to personalize the app for myself and go into the for you section and find articles that interest me. Inkl has a variety of topics to read about, whatever you’re researching about, inkl has it.” – Ashi, grade 7.