Showcase – spotlight on Australian EdTech in Higher Education & K12

Looking to support student learning with digital education solutions?

Join one of two webinars showcasing Australian EdTech | 17th March & 24th March

Amidst the current uncertainty, how do we help education providers to continue to provide educational security and continuity to students nationally and internationally with Australian EdTech.

The current COVID-19 situation has highlighted the need to support students and their learning with digital education solutions. As Australia’s EdTech and innovation industry hub, EduGrowth is fielding many introduction requests for Australian EdTech companies who can support education providers right now.

Key points

In response, we have two webinars in the coming weeks focussed on Australian EdTech solutions for K12 Schools and Higher Education in terms of:

  • Student support solutions
  • Course delivery & course content solutions
  • Assessment solutions 

Join us to learn how Australian EdTech can help your organisation further support your students with the provision of digital borderless education tools.

Each webinar will demo six Australian EdTech solutions that are proven, available, and ready to scale in the K12 Schools and/or higher education sector.

Six Australian EdTech companies will showcase their solution in terms of:

  • description of the innovation / tech tools
  • the impact of the innovation / tech tools
  • ease of implementation in the higher education setting

Webinars - spotlight on digital borderless education technology

17th March 2020, 4pm
delivered online

24th March 2020, 4pm
delivered online