Accelerating to meet exponential demand – Deloitte, EduGrowth release report

The 2019 Australian EdTech Market Census report by EduGrowth and Deloitte titled ‘Accelerating to meet escalating demand’ was recently released at Universities Australia Conference in Canberra.

The census report highlights the Australian EdTech sector underwent significant growth and maturity – it almost doubled in size between 2017 and 2019, with a greater number of EdTech organisations progressing from ‘start-ups’ to ‘scale-ups’.

Key points

  • Deloitte and EduGrowth release report Accelerating to meet exponential demand The Australian EdTech Census 2019
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First launched in 2017, the Australian EdTech Market Census seeks to map the EdTech landscape, track the progress and identify ways to foster innovation in the EdTech sector. It is a vital piece of research to understand how we as a country position ourselves, define our capabilities and impact learners around the globe with Australian Education.

Sector Growth
sector size, revenue, employment and exports

Sector Maturity
more scale-ups, less start-ups, greater activity

Born Global
increased exports, 77% of startups serve international markets

Global EdTech market rapidly expanding
forecast $341bn industry by 2025

“The growth of the Australian EdTech sector is fantastic. Lots of exciting stories. However, if we want to be part of the future and maintain momentum we must collaborate to further stimulate, support and scale local EdTech initiatives.” 

– David Linke, EduGrowth Managing Director


More information via Market Research – Australian EdTech Market Census 2019