OpenLearning introduces OpenCreds

The concept of micro-credentials is gaining momentum in Australia and around the world. 2019 saw the launch of frameworks and policies from governments, universities and education platforms – all contributing to improving our thinking of this latest innovation.

Aligned with efforts and the recent AQF review, learners and education providers alike lack concrete guidance and a unified approach to implementing micro-credentials, communicating the benefits to learners and aligning them to national quality assurance frameworks.

With that in mind, OpenLearning has introduced OpenCreds, the lifelong learning framework designed to meet the needs of the Australian education sector, industry, and most importantly its lifelong learners.

Key points

  • OpenLearning have introduced a lifelong learning framework
  • OpenCreds is based on the concept of micro-credentials
  • The draft document is available for comment & discussion
  • Download via OpenCreds by OpenLearning

Open Learning are inviting the public to enter into a dialogue and structured consultation process, which engages accredited and non-accredited education providers, employers, learners, and government in an effort to finesse the OpenCreds framework for launch on 1 July 2020. 

The draft paper is available via 

For inquiries please contact Cherie Diaz, Managing Director, Australia on [email protected] or +61 478 330 083.