EdTech Trade Mission USA 2020

EdTech Trade Mission USA 2020

In partnership with NSW Treasury: Study NSW, Global Victoria, and Austrade, EduGrowth brings to delegates a USA EdTech Trade mission to build deep understanding of the USA EdTech Innovation Ecosystem within the context of the world’s leading EdTech event – ASU GSV.  

The proposed program combines market intelligence, private briefings, introductions and connections into the USA education sector and the ASU GSV conference aspects which aren’t described in the official brochure.  We will combine the public ASU GSV program with unique briefings and introductions to fast-track your export development in the USA.

Key points

A collaborative partnership between NSW Treasury: Study NSW, Global Victoria, Austrade and EduGrowth allows us to combine our complementary strengths to deliver an exceptional, well rounded program to accelerate your USA EdTech strategy.  You will meet a range of EdTech ecosystem leaders, the highest profile consultants that may support your journey and the agencies to facilitate your USA market analysis or entry strategy. 

Beginning in San Diego we will use ASU GSV as the backbone to the program.  Within and around the ASU GSV summit we will connect you to the leaders of the EdTech innovation ecosystems from around the world. You will leave San Diego with a deep understanding of the market and the connections to follow up whilst building the next step of your US EdTech journey.  

From San Diego we head to San Francisco, the global home of high growth tech-startups.  Here we will connect into the Bay Area EdTech ecosystem and learn how to establish an organisation in the USA. Core to the program is connecting with actual educators for review, reflection and advice on your product from their lens.

The program

Day 1: Sunday March 29
San Diego

– The US EdTech investment landscape
– Selling to US schools
– Selling to the US higher education sector

Dinner: Meet global EdTech ecosystem leads

Day 2: Monday March 30
San Diego

ASU GSV Conference Commences

Optional Briefing:
– Understanding the New York EdTech ecosystem

Conference Dinner

Day 3: Tuesday March 31

ASU GSV continues

Optional Briefings:
– US EdTech war stories
– Understanding the London EdTech ecosystem

Australian EdTech Networking Reception
Cooley Networking Event

Day 4: Wednesday April 1

ASU GSV continues

Optional Briefings:
– US EdTech acceleration with University of Pennsylvania (UPenn)
– EdTech efficacy

Conference Dinner

Day 5: Thursday April 2
San Francisco

Getting started in the US hosted by Austrade

Investor Connect: US EdTech Capital Markets

San Francisco EdTech ecosystem reception

Day 6: Friday April 3
Bay Area

Site Visit: TBA
– Meet US Educators

– Hear from researchers who investigate EdTech efficacy

– Learn about opportunities for EdTech acceleration

Program Concludes

Please note this program is subject to change

Your investment

The cost to participate in this program is:  

$1,500 + GST or
$1,000 + GST for EduGrowth members 

You will also be required to cover the costs of travel, accommodation and ASU GSV conference pass. 

Who should attend

This trade mission would suit any company that is ready to learn more about the potential for growth in the US EdTech Market. You should consider taking part if: 

  • You see the US as a potential market for expansion outside Australia
  • You want a better understanding of how your company fits in the Global EdTech environment
  • You have a few customers from the US organically and would like to be more strategic about growing this market
  • You are looking to seek investment through US capital markets

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