Assessing new international markets

Assessing new international markets

Vinne Schifferstein-Vidal, Bowtown Media

Listen to an expert in growing B2B and B2C education technology businesses in international markets.

This is one of two sessions that discuss the opportunity that international markets offer Australian EdTech. Many Australian businesses seek entry into new international markets to maintain growth, and to access markets offering a significantly larger potential. Understanding that any international expansion or market entry is an important decision that requires investment of time and resources, setting yourself up for success from the outset is paramount.

In this session Vinne Schifferstein-Vidal shows you how to evaluate international markets and determine what could be the next step for your business. Learn:

– how to explore & evaluate international markets
– how to gather international market data
– what resources are available
– how to determine the right fit for your product and business
– how to know when your business is ready