Mobilising teacher expertise for the innovation sector

Belinda Judd is a teacher and co-founder of Edukana. Enthusiastic about optimising learning for young people, Belinda shared her teaching expertise with a startup. From this experience, Belinda quickly realised how critical the link is between teachers and the innovation sector in ensuring the needs of students and schools are at the heart of new learning solutions.

Edukana is a digital marketplace that connects teacher expertise to startups. “I am working with my co-founders at Edukana to build a global community of teachers who are passionate about a positive future for education,” says Belinda.

“We are focusing on curating the expertise that is needed to inform innovative education products and services”.

Innovators and founders in the education space that have a close connection to on-the-ground teaching have an edge over competitors; they have an authentic connection with their key stakeholders – the teachers and their students.

As individuals and as a collective, teachers have an enormous breadth and depth of expertise. They have a deep knowledge of the needs and aspirations of students, of the curriculum and they have established a powerful connection with their learners.

“Many teachers want to be able to share their skills and expertise beyond their immediate and physical context,” says Belinda. 

“Teachers are always looking for new ways to power up learning opportunities for their students,” says Belinda of teachers interest in edtech and their willingness to embrace new teaching and learning technologies in the classroom.

Belinda says teachers can play a vital role in the ideation, concept, design, development, testing, feedback and evaluation phases of every learning product and service. They can add value by sharing critical insights, writing or reviewing content, through to trialling a solution.

Edukana is the creation of Belinda Judd, Evelina Kek and Viktor Shlapkin. It was launched in 2019 and is a fast growing education community. Learn more…

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