Australian EdTech Literatu lifting English writing skills on a global scale

Australian EdTech Literatu lifting English writing skills on a global scale

Literatu, an award winning Australian K-12 EduTech developer, has signed a Global distribution agreement with Singapore based education solutions provider Marshall Cavendish Education (MCE). MCE will co-brand and distribute Literatu’s AI writing improvement platform across 40 countries.

Yeoh Cheng Poh, Commercial General Manager of MCE says “Literatu Scribo is an excellent platform able to assist every K-12 school to grow the written literacy skills of students across all levels. Schools in many countries are looking to improve their English standard and writing is the hardest skill to improve. By blending the Scribo AI platform with our content and global distribution network, we now uniquely offer schools a pathway to improve student writing skills.”

Literatu is growing quickly in the Australian K-12 education market working with independent schools and progressive leadership teams in the Catholic Dioceses of Wollongong, Parramatta and Lismore to improve student writing skills. “Schools are realising that the combination of AI technology working alongside teachers is having the biggest impact on both writing improvement and the reduction of hours teachers spend giving feedback” says Mark Stanley, CEO and co-founder of Literatu.

“Research proves that faster feedback cycles improve writing skills. Teachers however, already work 20 hours overtime a week” Stanley says. The Literatu Scribo platform also helps international students prepare for formal English qualifications like IELTS and Cambridge level certifications. “There are over 300 million students at any one time in the world looking to obtain English certifications and passing the writing component is their biggest challenge,” says Stanley. Delivered in a B2C model, Literatu is positioning to power English writing improvement on a global scale.


About MCE:
MCE is Asia’s largest K-12 education print and digital solutions provider, MCE is owned by F&N Limited, a listed Singapore company.

About Literatu:
Literatu Pty Limited is an award winning Australian Edtech developer, specialising in AI and ML based platforms to support the development of English writing skills in K-12 schools.

Originally published 27 August 2019 via