Advancing classroom assessment with technology

There’s more to what goes on in a classroom than is shown through standardised testing, but can technological innovations give both teachers and parents a more holistic view of a child’s progress?

On the EduGrowth Innovation Stage at EduTECH Sydney Dr Sandy Heldsinger, Founder & Managing Director of Brightpath Assessments, David Linke, Managing Director of EduGrowth, Andrew Smith, CEO of Education Services Australia, Mathilda Joubert, Educational Consultant & Advisor at Sheridan College Perth, and Lynda Fisher, Head of Moriah College Primary School, NSW discussed the future.

Sandy delivered a keynote address and set the scene for the panel discussion. She highlighted how current views of assessment and standardised testing are too narrow. The solution could be to give teachers more flexibility and control over the testing content, however this poses other problems. “We understand learning to be developmental, that we can measure a student’s ability on a continuum much like we can measure temperature”. However, as she noted, “learning is so much more complex”. If we believe teaching to be complex, then we can’t still assume teachers can easily, quickly and efficiently create content and assess children’s development.” Sandy went on to advise that there is a need for researchers, psychome