New generations of cloud learners

New generations of cloud learners

When you think of the cloud, what comes to mind?

For some, it’s an actual cloud, and trying to explain the digital concept to those people can be challenging. For others, they may be using it, or have varying levels of understanding of how it works and its benefits. Either way, it’s clear that the cloud is now revolutionising education.

Cloud learning, and more specifically innovation in the cloud was a key theme on EduGrowth’s Innovation Stage at EduTECH in Sydney. AWS, RMIT University and Skoolbag were invited to share their expertise and discuss the benefits the cloud has had in helping their organisations improve educational tools and adapt, in an ever-changing market-place.

Zoe Pelbart, AWS Senior Account Executive focused her presentation on the AWS EdStart program. The program is described as a virtual accelerator for educational technology start-ups and focuses on innovation, teaching and learning. It is designed to help entrepreneurs build the next generation of online learning, everything from helping to create AI programs, to online lessons, and even gamifying learning.

AWS EdStart are EduGrowth Strategic Partners supporting members as they scale their EdTech businesses locally and globally.

Julian Stevenson, Director of Future Skills at RMIT Online addressed innovation in higher education; specifically identifying how to drive futureskills and strong workforce development with use of AWS technology and broader solutions. He discussed how they have partnered with AWS to create a digital assistant for their students. This assistant helps students navigate university life, and can answer questions about fees, timetables and maps, as well as supplying details about activities and events occurring on campus.

Julian Ridden, Head of Product at Skoolbag discussed the impact of technology in education providing a case study of the Skoolbag app, an all-in-one communication app that allows schools to send real-time announcements to parents. Through the guidance of AWS, this app can also link parents to e-learning systems, provide newsletters and even allow parents to sign permission slips on their own devices. Their aim is to help simplify communication between schools and parents by creating a program that does everything which as a result increases productivity and transparency.  

These organisations, by partnering with AWS and transitioning to the cloud, are now leading the way in creating a future generation of online learning and changing the way education is delivered.

‘Innovation in the cloud’ was a thought leadership session sponsored by AWS EdStart, held on the Innovation Stage at EduTECH Conference, Friday 7 June 2019.