Innovating the international student experience

Innovating the international student experience

Innovation in the EdTech space is offering higher ed the opportunity to disrupt the current international student recruitment model and remain competitive into the future. 

Discussing this on EduGrowth’s Innovation Stage at EduTECH Sydney were Adam Brimo from Open Learning, Iain Rowthwell from Navitas, Caroline Hartnett from Global Victoria, Warwick Freeland from IDP Education and Francois Eijgelshoven from Study Portals.

International education is Australia’s 3rd largest export and technology is a key to ensuring Australia remains a destination of choice. 

Traditionally, recruitment, enrolment and on-boarding have been seen as separate activities, often managed by different teams. Technology provides the opportunity to create a holistic and seamless approach. 

As Australia’s place in the world is challenged by emerging markets, as students are becoming more discerning and politically motivated, and as rising costs affect study choices, it’s critical education institutions innovate. The panel argued it’s not about cost efficiencies, it’s about better performance.

Australia’s higher ed sector’s strengths lie in its strong reputation overseas and that many students want the ‘Australian experience’. 

By streamlining processes with emerging EdTechs, institutions can offer a personalised experience, rich in identity, using the student’s native language. These processes are easily scalable and adaptable to each unique market.

Once on-boarded, EdTech provides opportunities for institutions to innovate in their educational offering – with digital credentials, micro-skilling and personalised learning that unite hands-on and vocational elements with traditional academic learning. 

International students are an important market base for Australian institutions, with as many as 25% of university students in Australia being from overseas, with that number growing by 6% in the past 10 years.

Keeping an eye on the ‘Australian experience’, but focussing on students demands, and the opportunities EdTech provides to innovate, personalise and streamline; Australian higher education institutions will be well placed to continue their growth and success.

‘How technology is transforming international education’ was a thought leadership panel session sponsored by Navitas Ventures, held on the Innovation Stage at EduTECH Conference, Thursday 7 June 2019.