Look who’s coming to Innovation Alley

Look who’s coming to Innovation Alley


Experimentary is an online platform (website) that aims to help bring engaging hands-on science to the classrooms of K – 8 students. Curriculum aligned experiments are at the heart of Experimentary, and these are presented and

explained by Dr Rob, formerly of CSIRO and the award winning kids’ TV show “Scope”. Students each have their own logins and this enables them to enter all their findings in their digital lab book, which is tailored for each experiment.

Experimentary makes inquiry based learning for your class easy, fun and most importantly a great experience.



HiJo is a wellbeing and emotional intelligence solution for the classroom.
HiJo is where learning gets personal and tells the individual students’ story.
Importantly, this is a tool that gives the child a voice in how they learn and in their classroom experience.

Using the latest in sensor technology and AI analytics, HiJo is able to track movement, proximity to other students, learn mood patterns and understand environmental preferences such as light and temperature.

HiJo is a collaboration between leading height adjustable desk company, Askisi and ASX listed AI tech co, LiveTiles.



Arludo makes science and data collection easy, quick, and fun. The over 30 mobile games let students intuitively discover different STEM concepts from biology, psychology, maths, chemistry, and even ethics by exploring the data they collect.

Paired with free manuals, lesson plans, and professional development, Arludo helps teachers become experts so they can more easily help their students become scientists.



Tali creates digital solutions to assess and strengthen attention as a developing cognitive skill during early childhood.

The Tali platform is delivered by tablet technology, including the game-based Tali Detect attention assessment program and Tali Train attention training program.

Ready, Attention, Go – Tali



Bookform has curriculum aligned Social Emotional Learning Projects where students collect family & community stories & knowledge, using voice-to-text AI and collaboration, to create printable digital books. The collection process develops communication, relationships, EQ and empathy, and students are proud to gift or sell their polished book product.
K-6 Teachers automatically collect student’s stories into a book as a STEAM project.
6-9 Students collect their family stories, ancestry information & photos into a personalised book for class lessons, peer bonding, collaborative editing and presentation.
9-12 Community Service: Students help communities save oral histories & culture.


Open Learning

OpenLearning is a cloud-based lifelong learning platform that enables education providers to prepare learners for the future of work.

Founded in 2012 in Sydney, OpenLearning now supports over 1.5m learners, 7k active educators and 80 universities, colleges and training organisations in Australia, Malaysia and around the world.



Active Learning Simplified

FLUX is an interactive learning tool that improves student engagement. Loved by students and teachers alike, it’s the ideal tool to gauge student understanding.


Class Analytics

Class Analytics helps schools bring paper and electronic assessment results to life through real-time, easy-to-use visualisations. Our personalised visualisations allow teachers and schools to quickly track, map and monitor the progression of individual students or cohorts over time.


Compliance Fox

Compliance Fox centralises, simplifies and automates workforce safety, training & compliance requirements. We provide real-time, continuous insights across your workforce, empowering workers and enabling managers to reduce risk, upskill, and improve bottom lines.


Learn Primary

Learn Primary is a comprehensive curriculum aligned learning platform based on the curricula for Maths and English (Years 1-4). Designed by Teachers, the platform supports teachers in the classroom by providing rich and engaging content to supplement their classroom lessons. Teachers save time planning lessons and with the ability to set and mark tasks, Learn Primary can help with personalising the learning in your classroom. Currently the platform is 100% FREE for 2019 for a limited number of schools. To apply and qualify please register on our website.



Micro-credentials are disrupting educational assessment and credentialing models. How can institutions master this new “Wild West”?

The Edalex Mastery Platform (EMP) delivers an end-to-end solution for detailed, verifiable micro-credentials. Rubric-driven student performance flows from the LMS to EMP to automate the generation of badges. Critically, personalised student performance evidence is available through EMP to truly validate the learner’s mastery. And help the learner become… an earner.

EMP: Evaluate. Generate. Validate.


Rocket Shoes

RocketShoes is a Melbourne startup with a cutting edge next generation decentralised platform leveraging blockchain putting learners in control of their own materials. Co-Founder Kieran Nolan is delivering Blockchain Masterclass at EduTech, so the stand will allow the team to join the conversation.



Literatu Scribo helps teachers help all students at all levels of learning, to write better. As students practice write, Scribo delivers real-time feedback for real-time learning. Students receive personalised feedback and guidance on how to improve their writing skills, in their chosen language, in seconds.


Pivot Professional Learning

Pivot empowers teachers and schools with the insights and tools to pinpoint and spread great teaching.


We Teach Well

Connecting with diverse educators will allow We Teach Well to promote our vision for a borderless education context which empowers teachers and promotes educational equality.



Everyone wants to learn, and our vision is to change the way people engage with knowledge.
The Quitch solution cost-effectively delivers ‘just-in-time eLearning chunks that significantly increases the retention and potency of already acquired knowledge’. It can equally deliver eLearning at the point of need, in a manner that resonates and motivates the learner to revisit the module/s.

Life Skills Go

Life Skills GO is taking 21st Century Learning to the next level by delivering measurable social, emotional and physical skills through education technology. This platform is the digital evolution of Life Skills Group’s in-school social, emotional and physical learning programs, which has been successfully running in NSW primary schools since 2009.

The platform delivers and measures the mandated skills needed to thrive in the 21st Century as well as reporting on wellbeing in real-time. It is fun and engaging for students in years K-6 and it provides hundreds of curriculum-aligned resources for educators to confidently teach the skills of social, emotional and physical learning.



InquiBox designs and delivers science and maths activity boxes for children aged 7-12 years old so that they learn through play. Every box includes 4-6 activities, and we use a combination of DIY projects, experiments and games, and explore a different STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) topic every month. We deliver the boxes directly to the home and our physical boxes along with the web platform create a tactile learning environment for children making STEM learning engaging and accessible for all.



Vygo helps universities connect their students in scalable and asynchronous peer learning communities. With Vygo’s platform students can:

– Connect and engage in effective peer mentoring relationships
– Access peer tutors that have excelled in the specific class they need help with
– Enhance their academic and personal networks
– Receive personalised support that suits their learning style.
– Students can meet online or on-campus at a time that works for them.

Our goal is to help universities improve student experience and retention rates by empowering students with the help they need when they need it.


Makers Empire

Makers Empire helps K-8 schools teach important STEM concepts, 21st century learning skills and design thinking in a fun and engaging way through 3D printing.

We provide K-8 schools all the tools, resources and online pd to integrate 3D printing into the curriculum and address the design and technology subject areas.

We also deliver large scale projects delivering our professional development ‘Learning by Design’ course.


The Kid Boss Academy

The Kid Boss Academy combines entrepreneurship & fundraising to make Australia’s most engaging student-centered kits that earn money for a good cause. Each kit gives a student the opportunity to learn the building blocks of entrepreneurship, financial literacy & social good when they start, grow and then produce profit from their very first charitable company.