Five EdTech startups with a ClearPath to success

Five EdTech startups with a ClearPath to success

Announcing the ClearPath Showcase Startups

On June 17, Monash University is hosting the EduGrowth ClearPath Showcase, an event that connects five EdTech startups with potential clients and starts the connection between business need and solution.

EduGrowth has announced the five businesses that will be there to meet with prospective higher ed institutions.

OB3, Vygo, AccountingPod, Literatu and Successful Graduate are the five chosen from a strong panel of contenders.

Each of these startups have proven their ability to manage a client relationship with at least one university customer, have the ability to support deployment across a large cohort, have a clear pricing structure and have evidence they have a plan to manage that initial product deployment with the customer.

On June 17, they will be at the Monash University Law Chambers in Melbourne to engage in in-depth conversations with prospective clients.

Our Five ClearPath Startups

OB3: OceanBrowser Ltd are the creators of OB3, which enables teachers and students to create and share media-rich web documents with embedded discussions. OB3 documents can take many forms including curriculum content, question & answer discussions, group assignments, and professional portfolios.

Vygo: Vygo helps universities connect their students in scalable and asynchronous peer learning communities. With Vygo’s mobile & web application students can:

  1. Connect and engage in effective peer mentoring relationships
  2. Access peer tutors that have excelled in the specific class they need help with
  3. Enhance their academic and personal networks
  4. Receive personalised support that suits their learning style.

AccountingPod: AccountingPod enables the ‘hands on’ learning of accounting and business across cloud business platforms. The AccountingPod solution is currently made up of three components: a learning and teaching management platform, dynamic content based on case studies that represent business scenarios to deliver learning outcomes, and the technology which provides personalised feedback, monitoring, reporting, auto-marking and cheat prevention.

Literatu: Literatu is a SAAS delivered writing improvement platform using AI to reduce teacher feedback and grading time and extend student outcomes. Its mission is to help all levels of English language students to write higher quality texts. With instant personalised feedback delivered across seven levels of writing analysis, the product helps students improve writing styles and techniques way past the capabilities of various grammar and spelling checking products available.

Successful Graduate: Successful Graduate provides online job readiness training for students and graduates. After proving more cost effective than traditional face-to-face options, and with outstanding outcomes for students, we have clients such as TAFE Queensland, SEEK Asia and the NSW Government who promote our online job readiness training solutions.

Book your seat at the Showcase

Join an audience of leading educators, sector executives and investors, including representatives from universities who are involved with teaching and learning, connecting students with authentic learning experience, and international student recruitment.

The EduGrowth ClearPath Showcase will also provide a fantastic opportunity for attendees to network both with others in the industry and with some of the minds behind these startups.

Tickets are free and available now. Book online here.