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Helping teachers help students write better

Literatu’s Scribo writing improvement app supports teachers and students in real-time to amplify feedback and learning. Literatu apps are cloud delivered, able to be used anywhere. Integration with your existing infrastructure and platforms like Google, SIS, LMS, O365 and departmental systems is all ready to go.

Scribo is the world leader in using AI to help teachers help students to write better. Through AI and ML (Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning) Scribo fundamentally changes the way teachers use their available time and skills to enhance and extend writing skills in every student.

Sadly, writing skills remain in decline. There are not enough English teachers, teachers are time poor and the main remedy to improve writing skills is more writing practice and more feedback. It’s the perfect storm. Scribo leans in, shoulders the workload and opens feedback.

Before teachers read a word of student text, Scribo builds powerful insights across seven levels of writing analysis. In minutes, Scribo saves hours of teacher review and feedback time. With insights in hand, teachers get back to teaching.

Scribo student

opens instant feedback features directly to students

Opening Scribo Student as a school wide resource gives students access to comprehensive writing checks suitable for any subject and level across any extended text response.

Scribo connect

builds insights from texts before teachers read a word

Scribo Connect is an intelligent learning engine that imports and analyses all genres of student texts. Before teachers review any drafts or submissions, Scribo has read every word.

Scribo school

joins teachers and students in a writing improvement collaboration

Scribo School aligns Scribo Student and Scribo Connect. Teachers and students join in a closed loop of feedback, insights and opportunities to grow writing skills across the school.