ClearPath Showcase: AccountingPod

ClearPath Showcase

Teaching beautiful accounting

AccountingPod enables the ‘hands on’ learning of accounting and business across cloud business platforms. Teaching with AccountingPod is easy. It brings tutors and students  dynamic content for leading cloud accounting platforms. Its technology automarks and provides instant feedback to your students’ work on these platforms. See how it works:

The best way to save time for accounting instructors.


No more manually comparing trial balances and reports to mark your student’s work on accounting platforms. The automarker tracks and marks the student’s learning journey across 100s of data points.

Instant Feedback

It really is like having a robotic tutor by your students’ side. They get instant feedback on the work they complete. They have another try at getting things right before their work is marked.

Dynamic Content

Choose from a library of ready to use dynamic business case studies. Realistic, engaging and delivering to your learning outcomes and pedagogy requirements.

Cheating Prevention

The winning combination of randomisation and learning journey tracking is how cheating is prevented on AccountingPod.

Learning Intelligence

Student engagement data, time and activity. Student learning intelligence: where do they struggle the most. Progress reporting and final marks.