Six startups on the cutting edge of EdTech join PitchEd NSW

Six startups on the cutting edge of EdTech join PitchEd NSW

Announcing the PitchEd Startups

EduGrowth has announced the six startups that will be on stage at PitchEd NSW on 24 May.

The companies will be pitching their innovations that cover areas such as classroom learning, solutions for teachers and educators and even a platform that allows students to build their own apps.

More than 100 education experts, government representatives and industry leaders will be in the room to see these startups demo their work and business model.

This is just one of the many opportunities EduGrowth provides EdTech startups to connect with industry and government leaders. PitchEd also allows these startups to hone their presentation skills, receive feedback, and network with potential customers.

PitchEd is being run in conjunction with the NSW Government, Study NSW, Sydney Edutech Group and Sydney Startup Hub.

Our Six Startups

Block 42: Block 42 is a game based platform that will allow high school students to learn coding, programming, animation design and film production in a gaming style environment. The platform will develop to allow students to explore Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and other STEAM subject matter. It has been co-founded by Brian Zou who was the Technical Director of the Hollywood film Happy Feet 2.

Arludo:  Arludo’s mission is to increase interest in STEM topics and improve scientific thinking for students of all genders, ages, and socioeconomic levels, regardless of the location of their school. To achieve its mission, Arludo has a growing library of NSW Syllabus matched science games that help teachers engage students to intuitively discover concepts by working together, teaching them soft skills. Arludo’s founder Michael is an award winning evolutionary biologist and science communicator, and an associate professor at UNSW Sydney.

Literatu: Literatu is a K-12 SAAS delivered platform dedicated to helping teachers help students improve their writing skills. Suitable for English and humanities subjects at all levels, Literatu Scribo reduces teacher feedback and grading time and increases targeted teaching time. Mark Stanley, CEO, has been working for six years to technology work harder for teachers, without teachers having to work harder at technology.

Star Maths Online: Star Maths Online is a maths learning platform that connects students, parents, teachers and schools. The platform provides a gamified learning environment for primary children which has the intelligence of adaptive learning and a tailored learning experience for each child over time. Founder, Viet, a tutoring centre owner, saw the problem of being able to scale up tailoring learning for students, and after being unable to find a solution in the marketplace, decided to create one.

Cogniss: Cogniss is a platform on which educators and students can create their own sophisticated educational apps and games for any subject at low or no cost. App creators access a range of features blending neuroscience, psychology, AI and games (2D, 3D, AR and VR) through a simple point-and-click interface. The developers are also building a global community of edtech pioneers to exchange ideas, conduct research and address new or neglected educational challenges.

Life Skills Go: Life Skills Group Online (LSGO) is the digital evolution of the Life Skills Group’s in-school Social and Emotional Learning program which has been successfully running in NSW primary schools since 2009. LSGO is an engaging, interactive online platform that produces measurable results for tracking individual student progress against SEL outcomes. Founder Nikki Bonus is an entrepreneur, influencer, presenter and creator of the Life Skills Group whose mission is to equip as many young people as possible with the skills they need to thrive in the 21st Century.

Join us on May 24 to find out more

Limited tickets are still available for PitchEd NSW, so if these startups sound interesting to you and your organisation, book now and come along to find out more. Book online here.