Happy Brain – A mentoring program changing lives

The business idea behind Happy Brain is an application ‘The Learning Mentors Program’, that facilitates a peer-mentoring program for young migrant students.

Happy Brain was a finalist, awarded a special mention at the inaugural EduGrowth LaunchPad Business Start EdTech business plan competition. The submission, interview and presentation by Naba Alfayadh as team leader impressed the judging panel consisting of Dan Ingvarson, Carlos Schafer and Pauline Farrell. Who commented that this business idea has the potential to change the lives of young people and inspire them through education.

Happy Brain is the work of Naba Alfayadh,a committed team of 50 volunteers, and more than 100 dedicated mentors.

The business plan submission highlighted the program, The Learning Mentors Program, can rapidly help students catch-up and start thriving at school.

Some students are left behind in relation to literacy and numeracy education, once they fall behind, they may never recover. This is especially true for new Australians who have come as refugees, who face hardship at home or who experienced illness that prevented them from focusing on school.

Peer mentoring is a supportive, safe, one-on-one space in which students who are struggling with literacy and numeracy can quickly catch up, safely ask questions, experiment with the content and develop friends.

The application is anticipated to undertake and automate the administration work required for running the program, which will then enable the program format to be scaled.

As a finalist of the 2018 EduGrowth LaunchPad Business Start business plan competition, Happy Brain received Plato Project – Starting a Start-up course, designed for aspiring entrepreneurs, Brandollo Access, AWS Hosting Credits and connection with an EduGrowth mentor.

For more information about Happy Brain, please contact:

Naba Masad Alfayadh
[email protected]