The 2018 Australian EdTech Market Census is now open

The Australian EdTech industry is on the rise and EduGrowth, Australia’s education technology and innovation industry hub, is committed to the acceleration of Australia’s EdTech ecosystem globally.

As a new or established industry participant, we want to hear from you. Your collective responses to the Census survey will provide a deeper understanding of Australian EdTech businesses, the challenges faced and the scope of the industry. Participants will not be identified, however the aggregate results will be published and shared.

Some key insights from the 2017 Australian EdTech Market Census were:

  • 64% of respondents were already servicing international customers
  • The majority of Australian EdTech businesses service both the K-12 and tertiary education markets
  • Capital raising and connecting with customers were key challenges

The Census survey will take approximately 10 mins to complete.

We thank you for your input and look forward to supporting your growing EdTech business into the future.

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