EduGrowth September Pre-Accelerator Winners

EduGrowth September Pre-Accelerator Winners

Congratulations to everyone who pitched at our events across Australia. 13 amazing teams showcased their businesses to the Australian EdTech community over 4 nights in 4 capital cities across the country. Thank you again to all of your for joining us in this EduGrowth Pre-Accelerator! Read more about the winning teams and some of the insights they gained from the Pre-Accelerator program.

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Photo credit: JNXYZ Vision

 Melbourne: Peter Vitartas – NRG Next Generation Rubrics

NGR Team: Dr Sarah Midford, Professor Damminda Alahakoon, Nilupulee Nathawitharana, Madhura Jayaratne, Dr Kok-Leon Ong.

NGR develops assignment feedback software tailored to the Higher Education sector and has a specific focus on the use of Learning Analytics. The NGR software provide students with quick feedback on text based assignments to guide improvement on drafts and allows subject coordinators to review student performance across large cohorts.

The pre-accelerator course really focused my attention on the problem I was addressing with my start-up and instilled in me the importance of undertaking research – even at the very earliest stage, and then at each following step.

Brisbane: Judy Clarke, Julie Easthorpe and Jemima Mecedo – TeachResearch

We are a company that aims to create Educational Apps that support rather than supplant teachers in the classroom .

“TeachResearch” for P-3 is the first of two apps that we plan to create that teach children how to research.

EduGrowth highlighted the importance of interviewing potential customers. It allows us to identify possible alterations to maximise the functioning and enhancing of the app.

We learnt the foundation of a great pitch is the research and preparation needed, to help fine-tune communications.

Perth: Tamsin Sykiotis – Paper Circuit

Tamsin Sykiotis, high school teacher and founder of Paper Circuit. I’m supported greatly by my husband, Nikolaos.

Paper Circuit is an emerging business that aims to connect high schools in Perth with expert, vetted external markers. This will reduce workload pressures on teachers, offer flexible job opportunities to markers and enable more timely, independent assessment of student work. The collaboration between teachers and markers will also promote a culture of moderation and professional learning. Initially, I will act as an intermediary between schools and markers while validating the concept. Ultimately, we hope to develop an online marketplace platform that will serve the needs of schools and markers.

During the Pre-Accelerator course, I learnt how to create a Lean Canvas that could fit within a single A4 page. This forced me to pare back the detail in my business plan and communicate my message in a more succinct, streamlined way. The Lean Canvas in turn helped me to create my pitch deck and stick to the time allowance. I will continue to practise this art of distilling ‘background noise’ so as to best convey the essence of my business as it evolves.

Sydney: Seiya Takeda from V-KAIWA

V-KAIWA is a VR platform to enhance Language Learning.