EduGrowth Accelerator Demo Nights

EduGrowth Accelerator Demo Nights

Thanks to everyone who attended the EduGrowth Demo nights in Sydney (July 26) and Melbourne (July 27). EduGrowth is so proud to see how our community has grown over the last 6 months. Over 300 people turned out to watch the EduGrowth full-time accelerator teams show us how far they have come in the 6 months of the full-time accelerator program.

Our 5 full-time accelerator teams pitched on the night. After six months of hard work, growth and success, we are proud to showcase the achievements of Australia’s first edtech accelerator teams.


BEcoME takes the most progressive educational psychology evidence on how to best prepare students to thrive in 21st Century careers and delivers it to students in an inspiring digital experience.  We teach 8-14 year olds the adaptive skills to explore, design and navigate their lives and careers for themselves in an increasingly dynamic world.

Craftsposure is a community of over 330,000 creative entrepreneurs on a mission to turn their hobbies into a business. Through working with many makers and creatives we started noticing a pattern: there are millions of talented crafts people, artisans and creators all around the world. At the same time, there are more and more avenues to sell handmade creations online. But a lot of makers struggle at marketing themselves and building their online presence.  At Craftsposure, we teach online courses in business, digital marketing and entrepreneurship to help creatives turn their passions into profit.

Life is Yellow‘s mission is to nurture happier classrooms, by delivering educational objectives through beautiful, hyper-engaging mobile gaming. ‘Pocket Chef’ is our first game, where you run a crazy takeaway shop serving tomato soup to a never-ending line of hungry cats. The game hosts separate profiles for each student in the class, adapts the difficulty to each player’s proficiency, and reports data to a teacher dashboard.

Revision Village is an exam revision platform, connecting students with subject experts.  It has a focus and structure on curriculum past exam questions and their video worked solutions.  Solutions are ranked by their quality and the teachers paid for their contributions.

The purpose of the Upstart Academy is to help University students with the transition from study to work. Our learning platform is designed to complement a student’s existing study experience through a range of online courses, case studies and live projects that focus on the practical skills that are most in-demand by employers. By bringing students and employers together around a shared goal of creating more job-ready graduates, we aim to bridge the gap between study and work.