Meet the members: Arun Sri Nanthakumar from Our Median

Meet the members: Arun Sri Nanthakumar from Our Median

We are a social change startup based in Victoria. In short, we have created an interconnected library for open knowledge. Our core mission is to store and make knowledge accessible. We believe that knowledge can empower a community or individual to grow.

Our Median allows you to upload, curate, archive, manage and index your digital resources within your public library for anyone to discover, download, share, discuss and follow.

1. What was the catalyst for starting Our Median?

I was born in a village, where our local library was destroyed during a civil war. Our village lost a significant amount of knowledge, of our past, present and what was yet to be.
In saying this, the destruction of knowledge has occurred numerous times throughout history. Many of these libraries lost centuries of accumulated knowledge that were once the foundations of their society.
Our mission is to store and provide universal access to knowledge for all generations to come.

2. What have been the challenges to starting Our Median? How have you overcome them?

So many ….. where do I start!

Our initial challenge was finding the right full stack developers who could deliver our minimum loveable product. We found them eventually through Upwork, by giving them small test tasks and now our MLP is live.

However, whilst building the MLP, we were faced with scope creep that I introduced. I had this inner battle with myself throughout the project delivery phase. If I could give my past self some advice, just get the minimum lovable product out there, so you can test it out. There is no point in adding extra features before testing your core value proposition and it will also save you tons of money from making expensive mistakes.

3. What’s next for Our Median?

We have just launched our beta version. At the moment we are concentrating on growth and retention. To achieve these we are refining our product, fixing bugs and funnelling in users from external academic communities.

We are actively searching and applying for grants, to continue the funding of our initiative.

We are also working with the World Literacy Foundation, in providing disadvantaged communities offline access to the  libraries on our platform.