Meet the Members: Kym Hunter of Champion Life

Meet the Members: Kym Hunter of Champion Life

Kym Hunter – Founder and Managing Director of Champion Life

Kym and her husband Brennon Dowrick founded Champion Life to encourage the development of lifelong healthy habits in school children. They were recently named one of the Westpac 200 Businesses of Tomorrow.

Champion Life is an online platform that motivates and supports young Australians to form lifelong health and fitness habits.

The program is designed for the middle school years of 5 and 6 in primary and years 6 and 7 in high schools in partnership with Engage Research Lab, the University of the Sunshine Coast’s Serious Games Design Team.


What was the catalyst for starting Champion Life?

My husband  and I have always had a love of sport, health and physical activity.  Brennon was an Olympian in Gymnastics and I worked in the sport science area.  We have 4 teenagers who have been lucky enough to be raised in a family that values physical activity and health.  An increasing number of young Australians don’t have this opportunity so we decided to work out how we could do something on a large scale to help kids understand “what’s in it for them” to live a healthy life.


You recently raised your first round of funding. How did you decide which investors were best for Champion Life?

Champion Life is a purpose driven business and all our investors want to see a positive change in the health and wellbeing of young people so I think we put the vibes out to attract people who are interested social impact as well as financial return.


What have you learnt from the experience of raising capital?  

I have learned that it was way harder than I thought it would be! It was time consuming, frustrating, occasionally exciting but overall very stressful.  In the end though it has worked out exactly as it should be.  I have supportive investors who believe in Champion Life and our mission and are keen to be involved in the long term.


What’s next for Champion Life?  

We are finalising the content for the program and will be ready for schools for the 2018 year.  We are actively looking for shared value partnerships and ways we can work with business and philanthropists to deliver Champion Life to schools and communities that would most benefit.