Our Mentors: Adam Brimo

Our Mentors: Adam Brimo

ADAM BRIMO, Founder & CEO, OpenLearning

In December 2016, Adam Brimo shared a few insights from his experience as an edtech founder.

What was the catalyst for starting OpenLearning?
We founded OpenLearning to increase the quality of education and increase access to education around the world. I co-founded the company with Professor Richard Buckland; as my lecturer, he taught us about the emotional skills required to be an engineer, which had a great impact on myself and others. That experience made me appreciate the differences between different kinds of teaching.

What are your tips for success?
I think different techniques work for different people, so every founder/leader needs to find out what works best for them, and the way to find that out is by:

  • spending time with your team
  • persevering
  • clearly defining your strategy
  • and then focusing on it even if it seems like success is a long way away.

What’s next for the business?
We’re focused on expanding our presence in Malaysia by working with educators and institutions to design great online courses. Over the past few years, we’ve supported public and private universities in Malaysia to deliver MOOCs through OpenLearning and over the next year, we expect to see more universities launch MOOCs as well as blended courses on OpenLearning.